some VPN setting with Linksys WRT54G hacked firmware notes from -



My friends, Mr. WiFi has done it!!! Can you see the smile on my face.

I installed Beta version "I" and was still having problems.

I got a hold of WiFi on MSN Messenger IM and this is what we did.

For those of you who are not familiar with VNC, it is a remote access and control program similar to PC-Anywhere.

1. I disconnected from my LAN and established a PPP Dialup Connection to my ISP (49Kbps) kind of slow but it's the only way to test the PPTP and make sure it would work hitting it from the outside world.

2. I started my VNC Server and gave WiFi access/pw info

3. Loged into my WRT54G from the Internet using HTTPS remote access so I could show WiFi my configuration through the VNC session.

4. WiFi logged in via VNC.

We were also on MSN Messenger.

WiFi immediately noticed that I did not have to have a "root" entry on my PPTP user/pw config window.

So we took that out.

Then he looked at my VPN Client Configuration.

And realized the following configuration issues:

A)On the [Options] Tab, I had checked the box labeled "Include Windows Logon Domain" and I should not have checked this box. So we un-checked it.

B)On the [Security] Tab, I had not checked the box labeled "Require Data Encryption (Disconnect if none)", so we checked it.

C)On the [Networking] Tab, in the settings for the PPTP VPN I had not checked the box "Enable LCP Extensions", so we checked it.

We closed the config windows and tried to login.

Success! we were authenticated and into my LAN.

I am finally a happy man....

Se the attached screen shots of each of the Configuration Tabs for the VPN Connection. The screenshots are the correct way to configure the client.